Friday, April 30, 2010

Dine Out Vancouver 2010 - Chambar

So my first dine out of the 2010 year was at Chambar on a thursday night, which I thought wouldn't be so busy since it is a weekday after all. I made reservations anyways, and good thing i did. My reservation was for 8:45, and when I went it was still pretty packed. The restaurant itself is literally hidden, which seems to be pretty common for a number of fine dining restaurants in Vancouver. IMG_1496 The Restaurant has no flashy signs, no boards directing you to the restaurant. When I arrived there, I wouldn't have even know it was a restaurant if it wasn't for the number of people going into it. The restaurant is located near BC place, and literally right beside Stadium skytrain station. The first part of the restaurant is a lounge/bar type of area where it was pretty much packed with people drinking and having a great time. IMG_1467 I was brought further into the restaurant, where it turns into more of a dining room, with a pretty nice view of GM place. The atmosphere of the place was great, and all the tables were full. IMG_1470 For starters I had the Carpaccio de thon grillee - Charred yellowfin tuna carpaccio, celery, daikon & citrus brunoix, pomegranate molasses, red shiso. IMG_1478 My friend Jorge, had the Les Champignons de Kerala-Black trumpet, cardamom & truffle soup, roasted king oyster & curried goat cheese. IMG_1479 I really liked eating the tuna, it tasted very fresh and smooth, and the mixture of the shiso and celery made it quite exquisite. I'd say of the best things about Chambar as that the service was great. Our waiter, Patrick attended to us right away, and even though we were sitting in a corner, it didn't feel like we were being ignored. Another highlight of the DOV menu was the wine selection they had for dine out. I had a glass of Torres ‘ViƱa Esmeralda’ ‘08 Moscatel, which is a white wine from Spain, since I ordered seafood as my entree. IMG_1482 The wine was absolutely spectacular, and at that price I justified getting another glass of it. Jorge isn't much of a wine drinker, but he got a glass of red wine, and I think it was a local merlot, but I'm not too sure. For the entree, I ordered the mussels that people always talk about at Chambar, Moules-frites-Mussels cooked with white wine, butter, braised celery, leeks & coarse black pepper.IMG_1486 It came in a fairly large pot, and eating all those mussels was definitely filling. It also came with some fries and belgian dip (chipotle and mayo?) Jorge ordered Tagine de Boeouf- Moroccan braised shortrib, chickpeas, zucchini, apricots, almonds & parsley, and the presentation of both dishes was very pleasant. IMG_1488All the food looked so delicious that I almost forgot to take pictures of them, cause I just wanted to start eating. The moscatel I was drinking went very well with the mussels, and the mussels were simply perfection. For dessert we both had the chocolate pecan cake, but i totally forgot to take pictures of the dessert, and when i remembered, it was all gone.

Chambar was simply an amazing experience, and DOV 2010 gave me the opportunity to try out such a great restaurant. I will definitely be back for more great food and drinks, and I would recommend this restaurant for somebody who wants some casual fine dining.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mac fanboy?

I am now currently running 3 different operating systems on my macbook pro, and they are work quite wonderfully. I have Apple's Snow Leopard running, with a linux distro, BackTrack 4 running on a virtual machine within OS X. Then I have Windows 7 bootcamped, running on a separate partition. Bootcamping Win7 did not take 5 hours, or anywhere even near that. So far the only issues I have with it is the multitouch doesn't work, but I haven't fiddled around with Snow Leopard drivers yet. Here are the main steps involved in setting up Bootcamp for a Windows 7 install

  1. Close all applications, then go to Utilities->Bootcamp Assistant and follow the instructions to set up a windows partition, you can partition as much as you want. Make sure you have the windows dvd in there, or correctly mounted
  2. Begin the windows installation, choosing the bootcamp partition you just made. Make sure you select the partition, then click advanced settings and format it first.
  3. Finish installation and install Windows updates, and use Snow Leopard dvd to install other drivers

Monday, April 12, 2010


I really want to do an engineering prank before I graduate. Something legendary that would be remembered for all the ages to come...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eat, drink and be merry

I think its time for another life experience, now that my long (relative to it's normal length) hair is gone, I need something different. The long hair was an interesting experience, but short hair in itself is just so much easier to maintain. So now I am going to cut back on any processed sugars, and grains. The diet that i want to try out is called the Paleo diet, and in a nutshell, it is eating what as the "hunter-gatherers" did in the Palaeolithic age. Unfortunately living at home makes it super hard to not eat whatever is placed in front of you, which is usually something like rice everyday. Sucks even more that it's impossible to stick to my diet while eating out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here it is

I was going to write a blog post, but then stupid iTunes decided to be retarded. I honestly hate Apple at times.