Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A sigh of relief

...for now.
So school final exams have ended, and for once in my life, I feel that my future was actually in my control. Too bad I've got this horrible feeling about doing bad on exams, and then being kicked out of Science One because my marks have dropped too much. On another note, only 2 more weeks and highschool will be over. One chapter of my life gone, with another one being written.
My blogging has become almost non-existent, and I think its because I always forget my ingenious ideas. I think I will start carrying around a notepad, so I can always write stuff down. Maybe one day I will have a million dollar idea, and then I can become rich and famous.

On another note, iphones are finally coming to Canada. It is so exciting to see new products and innovative concepts being introduced everyday. It amazes me to be living in a time where the evolution on technology is advancing so rapidly. New cars being thought of, while the economy of the world erupts.

It seems worthwhile to reflect back on our times, as we will grow old and laugh at our childhood. Gas prices reaching an absurd amount, while 10 years back I can fondly remember the days of 40c a liter. Perhaps change is good, but change will always be here to stay. Nothing can be done against the forces of nature, although actions may be taken to stall it.

And so ends my blog post of the day, bowling calls.

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