Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home at last

Finally home and it all seems so out of place.

Left vernon military camp at 330pm on the 16th, got to kelnowna airport at 430pm, found out our flight that was suppose to be at 645 got delayed till 945. Gotta love all these problems we get once we go home. The first bus that left at 8 in the morning arrived at the airport and 2 wheels fell off, just completely fell on and was riding on the axles. Moped around the airport till 8, and then we got white spot to eat, which was pretty good. Found out flight was delayed some more till 1030pm. Our flight route was from kelnowna to fort st. john to price george to vancouver to victoria. Arrived home at 3am, instead of the scheduled 1030pm. Military intelligence, figures.

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