Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So based on the adsense report, I made nearly 1 whole dollar after posting yesterday. One whole dollar! That is quite amazing, as now I am at $6.90. Although it is quite disheartening to know that I won't get paid anything until I reach $100. So at this rate, it will take me couple years at least.

Only less than a week till I go fly to Hong Kong, and I am excited. Although I do sorta want a DSLR to take some pictures :( Guess I'll have to settle for a crappy 8.0MP camera. Then again I want lots of things :(

Anyways, this post was just a test to see if writing more does actually get me more money. :D


Joel said...

How have you made so much money on Adsense?? I've only made $0.52!

Please, tell me your secrets!

Anthony said...

It's really quite simple. As long as he keeps that shotgun to my head and that grenade in my pocket, I'm gonna keep clicking his ads all day.