Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sitting alone in the field

Sitting here amidst the youth, the slow age of maturity sets in as receding tides of childhood wash up, and gradually fade away. Slowly feeling the old age set in as you sit and listen to kids talking, laughing, enjoying. Smiling at the memories brought back, chuckling quietly to yourself. Quietly, you yearn to once again be a child, free of all burdens, just living. Perhaps it is with age that comes the enlightenment of the problems we all face in the world. With age comes an innumerable number of diseases; old age ailments begin to take its toll. As a child you are the King of the World, invincible. The sickness of maturity sets in and you never notice until you out grow your childhood hobbies. But it is within these crucial memories that we remain alive. With age comes less fun, but unless memories are kept vivid, we will lose our childhood. No longer do we have time to sit down and play with toys all day. The television is only a thing of the past; hours spent infront of the tv now changed to sitting infront of a computer. Reminiscing of the past, only then are we aware of how much we miss it.

Our minds develop, childish thoughts become undermined by the seriousness of life. The future scares us. The past keeps us. Childhood shapes us into who we are; age molding us as we grow. The freedom and imagination of a child offer relief from the seriousness of the world, reminding us of where we came from. We must take time to relax, and remember how to be free.

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