Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Craigslist is, I guess you can say, a hobby of mine. I rarely even ever buy stuff off craigslist, but I do enjoy browsing it almost daily. It's sorta like window shopping, but from the comforts of my chair. Often I see things that are really cheap, and I really want them, but in the end I just watch as other people buy them and the ads are taken down.

Today I spent most of the day looking at cars on craigslist. I don't really want a car that badly, but right now in the summer it seems that it would be quite useful. I would almost never drive it throughout the school year except maybe during weekends. But having a car that I can call my own would be very nice. So the majority of the time was spent looking at all cars that costed less than $10,000 which I deemed to be a reasonable limit to my imaginary car shopping. There are lots of Honda Accords and Honda Civics out there that can be purchased for that price, and even Preludes. But that is such a typical asian car, and I think that I'd rather be different. So then I spent awhile looking at Porsches, and there only seem to be 2 main models that I can afford, the 928 and 944 (951). Both these cars are very nice, and I really wouldn't mind owning either model, depending on the year. But then there was a Jaguar Convertible that I also liked.

But I am pretty sure I will never be getting those cars :( The best I can do is mention to my mom to ask my uncle, who buys damaged cars and fixes, then resells. Maybe one day I will finally have a car to drive around.

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