Monday, February 1, 2010

Pulp Mills

So currently i'm up in Prince George doing work taking samples at the pulp mills here and i must say its quite the experience. Walking through the mills is like being in an episode of "How it's made" on discovery channel, but i must say that the work isn't the most pleasant. The temperature at the pulping machines is like standing inside a sauna, and you have to be wearing full protective gear, meaning long sleeves with hard hat, safety glasses. It's an awesome experience, and i haven't even started working really. I just regret not bringing my DSLR cause i can just see all these awesome HDR photos that i can have. Canfor is pretty awesome, paying for everything, including food and the trip. I haven't paid for a single thing yet, and i've got lots of food and i love it. The only thing i'm not really looking forward to is having to eat fast food, since we're gonna be too busy working to have time to get real food.

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