Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mac fanboy?

I am now currently running 3 different operating systems on my macbook pro, and they are work quite wonderfully. I have Apple's Snow Leopard running, with a linux distro, BackTrack 4 running on a virtual machine within OS X. Then I have Windows 7 bootcamped, running on a separate partition. Bootcamping Win7 did not take 5 hours, or anywhere even near that. So far the only issues I have with it is the multitouch doesn't work, but I haven't fiddled around with Snow Leopard drivers yet. Here are the main steps involved in setting up Bootcamp for a Windows 7 install

  1. Close all applications, then go to Utilities->Bootcamp Assistant and follow the instructions to set up a windows partition, you can partition as much as you want. Make sure you have the windows dvd in there, or correctly mounted
  2. Begin the windows installation, choosing the bootcamp partition you just made. Make sure you select the partition, then click advanced settings and format it first.
  3. Finish installation and install Windows updates, and use Snow Leopard dvd to install other drivers

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