Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's come to another point in my life when I have to make a big decision that may affect my education. I have a chance to apply to an exchange from Jan to Apr 2011, studying abroad at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. IIT-Delhi is probably one of the top engineering schools in Eurasia, with an acceptance rate of something ridiculous like 1%. Going on an exchange I think would a great experience for me, learning from a different perspective. But the thing is that right now with the Carl Wiemann science initiative going on at UBC, the quality of science courses is going up, and I really like the new teaching style being put forth. Studying at IIT, my room and meals would all be provided for, so all I pay for is the plane ticket there, and whatever spending money. That makes the exchange really cheap, and is a great reason for me to go. The main thing I'm worried about is all the smart people there, and how I might be really challenged to keep up with the learning. I am sure the experience will be great, but I don't think if its worth missing out on some courses. The courseload there will definitely be different, since at UBC my regular courseload will probably be like 6 or 7 courses, while at IIT, I'd settle for 5. Another issue that arises is that my 2nd coop term slated for 8 months from Apr-Dec might be compromised because I think it will be hard to find a job while in India. The courses there could be too intense for me, and it's possible I might just end up failing something, and that thought terrifies me.


joven said...

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Angel said...

You are young so you may want to take advantage
of your youth and go to india to learn all you can.
If I was young again, I know that I would. :-)>

Vishal B said...

Wel Come to India. Always. Just come and see how fastly we are getting developed. I am sure you will love our technological expertism but not many other sides like curruption, dirty politics, bunch of uneducated politicians with police records. But the education system is getting improved. By the time you will come to know everything about my beautiful motherland.

Arpan said...

dude! take the plunge and come to India!

wei wusuo said...

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Tarun Bhargava said...

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