Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For good or for bad

Obama wins the US presidency, being the first black person to do it. Obama promises change, but is change good?


Anonymous said...

i actually prefer the other old guy to win cause he's got more life experience. i think obama won cause ppl were excited that liberal + black guy = ftw

Anonymous said...

Answering a question with another question is generally considered to be in "bad form". However, I pose this question: "Is staticity bad?"

D said...

Is change good?
Of course. If there was no change, then nothing would happen, since each event entails some degree of change. Since the world is better now than it was at the big bang, then we can assume that the average rate of change of goodness is positive.

And it has been proven that change is good.

Is staticity bad?
Of course. In a static world, no event would happen, since each event would necessarily entail change. Therefore, the rate of change of goodness is zero. Since staticity is not good, it is bad.

And it has been proven that staticity is bad.

Is Obama good?
This depends. Whereas Obama will inevitably change the world, he may also fail to do so; and the change that may otherwise have happened if Obama had not won may have been more or less than the change that Obama will cause. Therefore, within the contraints of information theory, it is not possible to determine if Obama is good.

LALAURE said...

Then yes, billy...you'd have no face.
And you wouldn't be able to have DICCEP with me.