Thursday, November 13, 2008

So it has been longer than a week since I last posted, and I feel obliged to post something. Although I don't have anything worth while to say, I guess its always good to just write for the sake of writing. Rarely do I ever get to have time to just write what a want; always restricted to writing for school. I must say that I do enjoy writing, and reading, but nobody likes to do things when they are forced into it. But it is this compulsory action that really allows you to get to be better. I never enjoyed English classes in high school, viewing them as a waste of time because how does one learn English from another person? English is like one of those things that you must take on upon yourself to do. Sure you can learn the parts of speech, sentence structure, and how to format essays. But what use is that if you are not able to use it properly? English is a skill that everybody should have, although I cannot say that writing is for everybody. As a young child, my parents introduced me to books, and since then I have always been reading. Writers hold an important part in society, for they are the ones that create dreams for kids, the modern day philosophers. Books hold within them not only stories and fantasies, but to each person it teaches a lesson. Reading as a child allowed me to dream, and also subconsciously learn English. Humans are able to mimic very well, and by reading things over and over again, it is memorized. And it is in this way, that I think I really learned English, rather than from reading poems or short stories.

On another note, why Canadian banks don't need help in this slumping depression.


purpELL said...

I love how you went from "no idea what I'm going to write" to a point about how it's important to write. (: good one.

Anonymous said...

I never knew that you like to read and write XD well..I think that you write pretty good. I wish I can write like you do..anyways keep up the good work