Wednesday, February 18, 2009


       Hmm I have many things to blog about but I usually just never get to doing it because I am just so darn lazy. So today I have decided to blog about cleanliness and my sorta-not-really Bacteriaphobia. I think that since we are living in the age of technology, being scared of germs on surfaces should only be a silly scare. Like cmon, we have ray guns that can blast anything to pieces. But yet we still have washrooms that don't have automatic machines. (Long sentence warning) It really bugs me when you have to open the door with your hand that is dirty, go washroom, then flush with that dirty hand which touched the doorknob, then go to the sink and turn the knobs with that dirty hand which touched the dirty doorknob which touched the dirty flush lever, then to realize that after washing your hands you have to touch the germ infested sink knob to turn it off, and then to press the lever for some paper towels, and then to open the door to get out. That entire cycle just gets more germs on the door handle per person, and I'm sure the number of bacteria on the door handle to the washroom increases exponentially. This cycle could be easily avoided by just placing automatic flushers, automatic sinks, and automatic paper dispensers, and perhaps leaving the door open.


Shouji Chen said...

lawl i totally agree with you on this behalf. I did some scientific experiment once and found the toilet door knob to be more infected with germs than the toilet seat, handle, even inside of the toilet.

but think of the time and money the government has to put into this... not much but it's enough to make them lazy enough to push it off to another day.

Joel said...

What my uncle does is keep his paper towel after he has washed his hands, and use it to open the door. If there is a trash dispenser near to the door, he then tosses it in there, but if not, he just leaves it on the floor. He claims it's bad washroom design not to have a dispenser beside the door.

What I begin to wonder is if removing all this bacteria from our lives is a good thing. I really don't know much biology, so this may be a simple answer, but don't we need to build some resistance?

Billy said...

Hmm it is also true that removing the bacteria may cause the bacteria to evolve into some super bacteria, but my point was that its just gross to go washroom and know that you are using a door handle that people have used, with those dirty dirty hands haha.