Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making money off adsense

How to make 15k a month from adsense

So today I was just surfing the internets, when I stumbled upon that forum post. Like you are just walking along on the beach, and BAM! an article on how to get rich. The author offers insight onto how he was able to make fifteen thousand dollars just sitting at home, sipping on coffee infront of the computer. All this is accomplished using free webware offered by Google, such as Google Trends, and Google Adsense. Right now I have adsense on this blog, which is located in the form of those ads to your right. Clicking those ads give me money, which is essentially how the guy made money. But he designs an elaborate scheme to put as much information into a website, as long as looking at trends to find the most searched things, and links them all. This generates many many clicks a day, which results in a boatload of money. Unfortunately, I do not fully understand how he does it, so I won't be making 15k a month anytime soon.

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Precarious_Signs said...

i'm tryin to do that too.........:( i think im doing decent.

how do i follow ur blog?