Saturday, September 19, 2009


Why are we dressed like the way we are? Normal attire going to school would be jeans, t-shirt, sweater, backpack, runners. If the way we dress were to show that we were educated people, going to university for a higher education, why do we dress like we are going hiking? This thought was brought up in my russian literature class discussions, talking about how perhaps 40 years ago people wore full out suits to school. Dressed as the upper class because only the upper class could afford to be educated. Does our sense of fashion come from our education? Those who are illiterate cannot afford to get education, therefore they are the ones who are not dressed nicely.

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Joel said...

I don't understand fashion.

I would like to think that fashion is a part of culture that doesn't have any real significance, but I know that would be false. A person's clothing choice can easily have influence on people's decisions - think of first impressions.

It's odd to think it's the only industry that is never creating anything new - it depends solely on a cycle of following 'the trend'. I am not a 'fashionable' person… if it fits, I'll often wear it. But it's not as simple as that, even for me.. I know that my clothing choice is influenced by the 'current trend', even if only a little.

I think that students' clothing choice may reflect upon many things, but really, it's little more than following a trend… Perhaps it's not the general public's trend, but it's the 'university student's trend'.

In any case, what student really has time to think about developing much of a fashion style, anyways?