Monday, December 28, 2009


So for christmas i kinda went out and used my mom's credit card to buy myself a new camera. Yeah i sound like a total rebel don't I? But my mom let me, so i'm less cool now. It was only because my credit still hasn't come in the mail, so it would be kinda weird to go to the store with hundred dolla bills. So i bought myself a Canon Rebel T1i, aka 500D. I've been wanting a DSLR for a really long time now, and I've just never put myself to spend so much money. I guess thats the Asian part of me, always wanting to be cheap and not spend money. But i guess splurging once a year is okay right? (But i also got a new macbook pro in the summer.....) I've only had the camera for like 2 days now, and i'm already in love with it. I'm still noob, but once i get better shots, i'll be posting photos on my blog more often, and turn this into a photoblog of sorts, since a picture is worth a thousand words right? The camera can also do HD videos, which i will be posting onto my youtube account, where right now you can see a low-light video of Joel drumming away before another intense round of Call of Duty.

All hobbies end up being so expensive for me, with a new camera comes new lenses, and more photography equipment. Ontop of that, skiing already cost me quite a bit this season for new skis. Seems like i'm helping this so called recession, wooo go me!

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