Friday, May 1, 2009

La de da

I have once again failed to keep blogging because I get oh so lazy. I get on the computer, and tell myself that maybe I should write something, but then I never get to it. So it has been a week of no school, and it appears that I have nothing to do without school. Most of my days were spent watching Battlestar Galactica, and various tv shows and movies. An interesting thing that I decided to do is try and learn something off youtube. Awhile back I found computer science lectures from the University of Southern Wales, and so I decided that I had enough time to watch those. The lectures can be found here, and the lecturer is quite funny. He makes the lectures very fun and interesting, although it is really hard to follow the course without access to the content that is available to the students. Most of my time on the internet is spent reading things, and I think that I learn quite a bit from the internet. But it is also quite sad that the weather the entire week has been exceptional and I've done nothing but sit infront of my computer. I wish that there exists a machine that could just remember things for me, and then put them on my blog. I know I had something to write about, but it has run away :( On a good note, I now have more followers than I do following on twitter :D But I also have more updates than I do followers, I must change that.

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