Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

So I have recently read a novel (yes, you did read correctly, a novel, not a textbook). So this book was very interesting to read because unlike most of the books out there, it combined a bit of sci-fi and some romance. Basic synopsis of the book goes as such, man is able to time travel, meets lovely lady. The book brings you through the journey of the time traveler, who is able to go back into time, uncontrollably. So many people have told me that they thought the book was confusing as each chapter takes place in a different time. But I really liked how the book was set up, and the plot builds up as you follow Henry as he jumps back and forth in time. The book tells a story of how Henry's wife has to keep up with him, and yet always have hope. The sci-fi part makes it a really interesting work of fiction, cause yenno, who wouldn't want to time travel. I would recommend this book for anybody who is bored of textbooks and wants an interesting book to read.

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Belle said...

Someone gave me this book for Christmas. I didn't think it was great. The writing was okay, hardly to the measure where it was touted. It was SO LONG. I thought it was a bit dry. I do want to see the movie though.