Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So summer classes are about 1 and a half weeks in and I can say that so far so good. Nothing really too challenging or difficult, and I sorta wish all classes were this pace.

On another note, today was the provincial election, and I must say I felt that I did not want to vote. And so I did not. It seems that for this election I was too busy to take time and research into the party platforms in depth, and into what each party would offer for the province. Sure I read in the 24 and Metro about what each party wanted. But it seems that during the elections life just goes on, nobody came to my door to tell me who I should vote for. I know that the NDP wants to eliminate the carbon tax or something along those lines with taxes and all. But I believe in Campbell's carbon tax, it causes people to pay for all the damage done to the environment. So my point is that I don't feel anything wrong with the current government, nor do I know enough to say that I can vote for somebody I think will make a difference. It is stupid to vote just because you can.


Joel said...

I disagree.

If you were satisfied with the current government, why not vote for the current government? I believe it's more important to vote on one idea than not vote at all. For example, if you believe in the Carbon Tax, than you could have voted that way.

Anonymous said...

But the more pressing issue is... FPTP or STV?