Thursday, January 21, 2010


I wish I understood Russian, so i could read Pushkin. I've been reading english translations, and although they are still beautiful, i bet they just don't compare to the actual poetry in russian. The russian literature class i took last term was really insightful and really opened up another world of literature outside of the common shakespeare and what not. Sure shakespeare was amazing, but there exists other poetry in the world. Currently I am reading a translation of Eugene Onegin, Pushkin's novel written in verse, so it basically reads as a giant poem with stanzas. Russian poetry is just different than other types of poetry because the emotions evoked by the russians are different. Just like in russian literature such as Crime and Punishment or Anna Karenina, both novels differ than the typical Jane Austen. Russian writers endure more pain and suffering, and it shows in their works. Although none of the writers were very prolific, the few Russian pieces produced are wonderful.

Since I don't want to reveal much about the novels or poems, I'd suggest you go and at least try them out. Just google up some pushkin poems, and try to listen to it in russian first, since hearing the words flow together sounds a lot different when its translated, but the poetry is still beautiful nonetheless.

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