Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day by day

So as you might have noticed, i have posted a few homework articles up. I will continue doing this, and hopefully it benefits some people. My explication received a 6, so im assuming thats its a pretty decent explication. I have been lagging behind on blogging lately, as it seems that i have once again become introduced into the world of video games, namely, Battlefield 2. But i have promised myself to restrict it to only weeks, unless it is a weekday where i have no homework.

Todays interesting topic:
"Every week, an average of 88 children are expelled from American schools for bringing a gun to class. Nearly one in three American households with children have a gun in them. In a study of 37 school shooting incidents between 1974 and 2000, two thirds of the students involved had taken their guns from their own home or that of a relative. Death rate from guns in the US is by far the highest in the developed world. Of the 639 million small arms worldwide, nearly 200 million are in the homes of Americans."
I dont know how reliable the source on this info is, but it seems pretty scary. It seems that our neighbouring "friends" are quite the trigger-happy bunch. Violence in our world is ever increasing, and it brings forth images from the book "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess. Everyday as we live in this sheltered microcosm, the world erupts in violence. I dont think that violence will ever be rid of, but perhaps there is a way to end it. There are always controversial issues pertaining to video games and violence, but i have always considered that just a scapegoat for the violence. When people do not know something, it is always easier to just blame it on something else. In most American states, people may keep guns without licenses, and that i think is what really is the issue. Guns in themselves are not dangerous, but when adults buy them, then leave them lying around, it is just trouble waiting to happen. So i shall end this with the cliche, guns dont kill people, people kill people.

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