Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wait, isn't it spring?

So with these snow flurries in spring, it seems that global warming is at play. But how many people just believe that global warming is the reason for the oddities in weather, rather than to go and find out themselves? Although it is true that the world is warming up, the irregular weather patterns may not have all that much to do with global warming. The tilt of the Earth's axis is changing ever so slightly every year, and with this change, seasons are longer. Global warming is just a scapegoat for people, a reason to sounds like they care about the environment. How many people complain about global warming, yet they buy plastic water bottles, slowly polluting the worlds oceans and destroying the Earth. So before you complain about global warming, stop and think about what you are doing to help solve it.

Since I am on the topic of global warming, it seems proper to insert a pin to prick the bubbles of those who love to tan. It seems that sun-screen may protect you from the two most common types of skin cancer, Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), and Basal cell carcinoma (BCC), it does not protect you from malignant melanoma. Malignant melanoma is a very rare type of skin cancer, but its responsible for 75% of all skin cancer deaths. Melanomas are easily visible for they look like little blotches on your skin. If spotted and treated early, they are nothing more than mere nuisances. But if allowed to grow, they can go down into the skin and travel around in the blood. Melanoma is usually cause by sunburns, so usually sunscreen would be the natural answer. But what sunscreen has been discovered to do is, it stops the skin from showing warnings that melanomas are developing. UVB radiation stimulates the skin to produce melanin to protect the skin. Putting on sunscreen blocks the stimulation of melanin, and the skin does not produce melanin. Melanin is what accounts for the skin pigment, and it acts as a natural barrier to UVA and UVB radiation.

Just some food for thought, enjoy.

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Joel said...

I totally agree. Buying bottled water is a complete waste. Beverage companies have convinced the general population that our drinking water is unsafe ...but the water is fine.

Another paradox comes to mind. How is it that these people drink bottled water because it is 'healthier', yet eat chips and Mcdonalds and endless amounts of candy and drink Coke. What evidence of thought is there, here? I doubt there is much.