Friday, April 4, 2008

Science One

As part of completing the Application Form for the Science One Program you must provide a 600-word essay addressing the following two questions:

1. What are your goals and expectations of your university experience and why to you want to participate in a rigorous broad-based program like Science One?
2. What makes you passionate about studying Science?

So I have to write an essay talking about my goals and expectations of taking the science one program at UBC. For those who dont know, the science one program is a broad-based program, in that it incorporates all the sciences and math. The first year program unifies all the sciences, and it is very challenging. Although I feel that my marks are not good enough to get in, it never hurts to try. The only thing left for my application is my essay.
This post will be sort of a brainstorm for me, and somewhat of an open discussion for you guys who read my not very well known blog.
My goal of the program is to get a deeper understand of how the world works, and hopefully while going through that process, i will also be able to know what i really want to do in the world. It is truly evident that science will certainly play a major role in the shaping of the world. As of this moment, i feel that by taking a broad-based program, it will allow me to see what my strengths are in, and it will also help me understand that beauty of the world.

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