Thursday, October 9, 2008


The sun burning into the mind as he walked down the dark street
Little droplets form on his face while in the eternal heat
The sole of his shoes worn out from the jagged, hard rocks of the road
And he sweated along the road
Curving along the road
At the end of the road, a gift that he was bestowed

She was like a flower, the flush of rose petals in her cheeks
The light of heaven in her eyes, brightly shining as she speaks
The voice of a goddess who wields no weapon except for love
A woman whose heart is to love
Purely and simply to love
And to love in return was all that he wanted of

Into her eyes he gazed, not wanting to whisper his farewell
And then her eyes glistening upon the thoughts his words impel
He slowly turned his back on her deeply sadden as he went
Engulfed in darkness he went
Going alone as he went
The deathly silence, as he went, always in torment

His thoughts are always on her as he walked alone down the road
The emotions storming all through his head, waiting to explode
Trying to forget the past, while tears drip down his empty face
A face that once was happy
The troubles that he had to face
Every night as he sleeps his face always in disgrace

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Loluis said...

I say Billy
i've never been in such a position before, but even for a guy, that was pretty touching

watchu up to =.=