Sunday, October 26, 2008


So there are many things in life that are unpredictable, things that no matter what you do you will never be prepared for. But indeed it is possible to prepare for most things, although many choose the latter. The freedom of choice is what allows the human mind to be unique. We are able to learn, to teach, and to conquer, but does that make us superior? One of the parameters for natural selection is that it increases the fitness of the organism. I constantly feel that human rights laws stops the process of natural selection, allow the weak to survive. Perhaps everybody has the right to live, but these laws are hindering evolution, not allowing humans to evolve into something better.

Genetic variation does occur within our species, with people born with terminal diseases. Such mutations are known to decrease the fitness of any organism, thus the mutation stops there. But in society, the genes are passed on, not allowing natural selection to properly do its job. So we end with fighting against nature, not allowing changes to occur.

It is already truly amazing the feats that humans can do. Our body has evolved over the million years. Organ systems to do every single thing that we are required to survive. These changes do not occur spontaneously, nor are they coincidences. Millions of years have sculpted our bodys into what they are now. But I do not think evolution is over for us humans. There are still many possibilities for further evolution.

Evolution is part of nature, but in todays society, nature is not allowed to move forward. The genetic mutations are welcomed, and everybody is allowed to survive. No longer is it the survival of the fittest, but rather survival for all. Maybe the abolishment of laws would result in no evolution at all, it is possible that evolution may go in reverse, and thus, humans would end up no better than all the other animals. But there is always the possibility of further evolution. There's always the possibility for something better.

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confusious say, respect ur parents and all goes well