Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just dance

So today I experienced my first time driving, and I must say it was pretty exhilarating. Being able to control that hunk of steel, I maneuvered through the streets of Vancouver, dodging cyclists and crazy pedestrians. But driving to me seems very much like a chore. Today was the first time I have been in a car in about a month or so, which is pretty amazing. I have planned to take my road test in January, which gives me plenty of time to become pro at driving. Even though I don't enjoy driving, it seems to be smarter to get my license just in case I ever do require it.

Also today I ventured back into a part of my past, Chinatown. It seems that Chinatown is imposed as a major tourism place for Vancouver, but if I were a tourist, I would think that Chinatown is the shitpit of Vancouver. You see druggies wandering the streets, various decrepit buildings lying in shambles. Honestly, Chinatown isn't what it used to be. There is no longer even a need to go down there, since you can buy everything there at various shops along fraser and main, or better yet, Richmond. This wandering into the past has allowed me to view the changes that have occurred over the years. Often in life we are too caught up to notice these changes that have taken place, and it is always good to go and revisit the past. I grew up in Chinatown, with my dad withing at a grocery store there. I still remember the Chinatown nightmarket, back when it was actually very interesting. I think that we should never forget where we have come from, and often, we should look back and remember our childhood. It is the memories of childhood that allow us to remember where we have come from.

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Anonymous said...

unless however, ur childhood was more happy then ur current livelyhood, then you would want to look into the past to see the past

u drive!? noob